E-League Specific Rules

Traverse City Men's Beginner Hockey (E-League) is a recreational league focused on increasing adult participation in the sport of Hockey. The league provides a casual, developmental entry point for those individuals who are just getting started in the game or returning to it after a long absence. In that spirit, league specific rules have been created to help facilitate a lower impact, less aggressive playing environment.

Remember, no one is playing at a particulary high level and we all make mistakes on the ice.  Respect your fellow players, take it easy on the referees and enjoy the game. 

1. Minimum E-League Participant Age by the First Game of the Season: 18 years

2. No Slap Shots
The blade of the stick is not allowed to rise above the knee when making a shot.  Making a slap shot during a game will result in a 2:00 minute penalty.  Any goal made using a slapshot will be disallowed.  If a player is injured as a result of being hit by a puck from a slap shot, the player who executed the slap shot will be ejected from the game.

3. No Checking
While incidental body contact is part of hockey, intentional checking either on open ice or against the boards is not allowed.  Checks deemed to be intentional by the referee will be subject to a 2:00 minute roughing penalty. Particularly aggressive checking will result in immediate ejection from a game.  Subsequent review by team captains may lead to permanent suspension from the league without a refund.

4. No Fighting
Fighting will not be tolerated in the E-League.  Threatening physical or verbal behavior, on or off the ice, will result in immediate ejection from a game and the ice arena.  If necessary, police will be asked to escort the offending individual from the premises in order to ensure the safety of players and officials.  Subsequent review by team captains may lead to permanent suspension from the league without a refund.

5. Per Game Penalty Limit
An individual player who receives more than two (2) penalties in a game will be ejected from that game upon recieving a 3rd penalty and not allowed to sub for any other E-League team playing that same day.  That player will also be suspended from participation in his teams next scheduled game as well as from subbing for any other E-League team on that day.  If an individual player exceeds the penalty limit in three (3) separate games during the season, they will be suspended for the balance of the season without a refund.

6. Per Game Goal Limit
An individual player is limited to two (2) goals per game (E-League Hat Trick).  Subsequent goals by a player who has reached his two (2) goal limit will be disallowed and incur a 2:00 minute penalty.  If a player who has reached his goal limit scores more than two (2) goals beyond that limit, they will be ejected from the game.

7. Interference/Delay of Game
Any action by a player which is ruled by the referee(s) to constitute interference against an opposing player or an unreasonalble delay of game, whether intentional or unintentional, will result in a 2:00 minute penalty.  At the the discretion of the referee(s), the alternate penalty for an infraction of this rule shall be a face-off in the offending team's zone.

8. Substitute Players
A team can use a maximum of three (3) substitutes to achieve a maximum roster of ten (10) players if any substitutes are used.  No substitutes can be used if ten (10) or more regular roster players show up for a game.  All substitutes must come from other teams in the league.  No out of league substitutes are allowed.
Example: If 9 regular players show up then 1 sub can be used, if 8 regular players show up then 2 subs can be used etc... to a maximum of 3 subs. If a team is scheduled for the first game of the day, then those teams can use substitutes to roster up to a total twelve (12) players if any substitutes are used.  Violation of the sub rule will result in forfeiture of the game, but not necessarily in the prevention of the game being played.  The opposing team can choose to play despite the violation if both parties agree. The forfeiture however will remain in place.

9. Minimum Team Roster Count at Start of Season
E-League teams must register, and confirm through payment, a minimum of thirteen (13) players at the start of the season.  Teams not meeting the roster minimum will be assigned additional players from the league waiting list in order to meet the roster minimum.  If an excess of players does not exist to draw from, the team captain will be assessed a fee to cover the difference in team revenue equal to the league registration fee multiplied by the number of rostered players below 13.  It is not a requirement that players lost mid-season be replaced by a team.

10. Mid-Season Roster Additions/Replacements
Any mid-season additions to the roster of any E-League team will be subject to the review and approval of team captains.  Preference will be given to those players who skated in that year's draft skate and were unable to secure a roster spot at the beginning of the season.  If no excess draft skate players are available, then a player will be chosen from either the league waiting list or via the recommendation of a 3rd party. Candidates that did not participate in the pre-season draft skate and had not previously skated in the E-League, may be required to demonstrate their skill level prior to entry into the league.
Mid-Season roster replacements will be charged a pro-rata rate equal to $15.00 per game for the balance of the season due in total upon their entry into the league.

11. Conditions of Entry Into the League
Any player entering the E-League must meet at least one of the following conditions:
a. Has participated in the E-League draft skate and been approved to play in the league
b. Has previously skated in the E-League and been approved to play in the league
c. Has been evaluated by the team captains outside of the draft skate and approved to play in the league
The entry or participation of any individual in the E-League or their removal from the E-League is at the sole discretion of its governing body (The combined group of E-League captains...one from each team).

12. Team Representation at League Meetings
Teams will have a maximum of one (1) representative at league meetings.  The team representative will be empowered to vote on the team's behalf with respect to league business.  This rule was created in order to simplify and expedite league meetings.

13. Voting Quorum
A quorum for the purposes of voting on league business will constitute two/thirds of the voting body as represented by the league team count rounded up to the nearest whole number.  Example: A four team league will require three team representatives to form a quorum.  A six team league would require four team representatives...etc.

14. Majority Required to Pass a Measure
A simple majority (51%) is required to pass a measure.
Example: A four team league would require three votes, a six team league would require four votes...etc

Last updated on September 7th, 2017

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